by Special Kids Fund

MagicMobility Assists Those In Need of Adapted Vehicles


Many disabled people dream of having a wheelchair-accessible van of their own, but cannot afford these expensive vans.

Daniel Goodman is a father of a child with special needs and started this organization to help those in need of an adapted vehicle.

It all began in 2006 as an outgrowth of our ‘donate a car’ fundraiser. Daniel Goodman began to notice an occasional donation of a handicap van. And, having their own special needs child who enjoyed his wheelchair van, Daniel thought it was a ‘waste’ to send such a vehicle to a dealer auction. Typically, that would only bring several hundred to a few thousand dollars in funding, with the van even likely to be used for other purposes.

Why not hold the van and find a local needy family that could enjoy such a gift. Eventually, when we saw that no one was doing this nationwide, the program expanded to fill the need. Now we get requests and donations from across the country!

picture of child in wheelchair with caregiver

Do you have a used wheelchair-accessible van or minivan in good condition?

We receive huge numbers of requests for these vans!

In the US, the number of people facing disabilities is on the rise, alongside the significant challenges they encounter daily. We recognize the struggles they face.  That’s why we’re dedicated to making a difference. By raising funds, we aim to provide crucial support for those in need of expensive wheelchair-accessible van.  Our mission is clear: to grant them independence and liberate them from reliance on public transportation.

You will receive a tax deduction for the FULL appraised value of your donated van.

We coordinate finding a needy recipient in your area and provide the paperwork. Vans are picked up from your residence.
Consider donating your van to someone in your area who desperately needs one.

We also raise funds to modify and/or purchase wheelchair-accessible vans and donate them to people who desperately need them.
All donations are tax-deductible, and we make it super easy for people to donate.

picture of disabled veteran in wheelchair

MagicMobility Vans loves to give the joy of mobility to all who need it.

Our recipients are seniors, disabled veterans, and children with special needs

We are thankful for the donors who support our charity so others may experience their kindness.

The families are so appreciative and overjoyed to receive these adaptive vehicles.

As Declan Lafray writes in the International Business Times:

“The stories of families who have received these adapted vans are countless, each woven with threads of gratitude and newfound hope. One such story is that of the mother who sent a picture of her son smiling in his new van as the ‘happiest boy in the world’. Receiving a van from MagicMobility allowed him to finally go out, socialize with his family and friends, and enjoy an ice cream cone in the park. His laughter, an example of the organization’s impact, echoes the countless lives touched by their efforts.”

Thank you from all the families who have received a wheelchair van!