by Special Kids Fund

How MagicMobility Is Transforming Lives

disabled children in wheelchair accessible vans

MagicMobility Vans provides adaptive vehicles to people throughout the United States.

MagicMobility Vans raises funds to provide wheelchair-accessible vans to those in need. We also assist people donating their used wheelchair vans and find someone in their area who needs one: tax-deductible for full appraised value.

As Daniel Goodman, founder of MagicMobility  is quoted in a USA Today article:

“Every individual deserves the freedom and joy of life that comes with mobility, and it became clear that we could begin to address that need on a national scale – by providing the adapted vehicles needed, to as many people as we can.”

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is a trade association we work with that specializes in helping folks with disabilities to get mobile. If you are looking to convert or buy a handicap-accessible van, car, or truck, they can put you in touch with a trusted mobility equipment dealer in your area.

And if you cannot afford to convert a vehicle, MagicMobility Vans is here to help you get one!


Caring for someone with special needs is hard enough, but providing a wheelchair-accessible van to Gavin’s family makes their lives a little easier.

Very Happy Recipients of a donated wheelchair van!
We love 💕 delivering the gift of mobility to families of special needs children who cannot afford a handicap-accessible van!  As Gavin’s dad commented:
“Gavin has a very limited understanding of this world and probably will for the rest of (his) life but the opened opportunities now that we will be able to move him with ease will have a huge impact on his life, down to the very smile he has when going up and down on the lift.”

Another recipient is Muataz Azooz

Disabled Victim of Terror Attack in Wheelchair van.

He was a victim of a terrorist attack while working as a liaison to the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, resulting in the amputation of both legs.
Relocated to the US, he says he received a new lease on life thanks to MagicMobility Vans.

Moving about with a wheelchair can be hard without a wheelchair van.

His daughter has Down Syndrome, and the van allows freedom for the whole family to ride together for medical appointments, shopping, and errands around town.  Muataz says to @inspiremoreofficial:

“His family is so happy going on trips feeling like a regular family. They can travel in freedom because of the van provided through this act of generosity. It has been a real ‘life-changer’ for them.”

Muataz adds:

“I would like adapted vans for people with disabilities to be made available to everyone.”

We would too! If you also agree, please consider a donation of any amount towards another van.

Eric and his family are another grateful recipient.

Now Eric and his family can drive to appointments and events together safely and in style.
Doug who donated the van says to us,

“Thanks again for all of your help. It was great to be able to give Sue’s van to someone who really can use it.”

Eric and Doug, the van donor in Southern California

The Woody family was so excited for their newly-donated wheelchair van!

Thank you donors and Adaptive Vans !

Lamar Woody lives with ALS, and now his family can ride to appointments and events together safely & in style.

Kristina can spare her back now that Lamar can enter and exit their van without difficulty and Natalie is thrilled with her family’s  new wheelchair accessible van!

Woody Family with their donated wheelchair accessible van


We are so proud to be able to connect donors and families with disabilities who cannot afford this necessity!