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Converting a Minivan for Wheelchair Access

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Here’s how to convert a minivan for wheelchair accessibility.

First though, we want to give you a heads up, the price tag for converting a minivan for wheelchair access will be between $10,000 – $50,000, plus the cost of the vehicle.

What you need to know to Convert a Minivan for Wheelchair Access


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Modifying a minivan is not simple.

It involves up to 40 alterations with safety inspections and can take up to 5 weeks.

To make more space inside for drivers and passengers, the inside floor gets lowered 10 inches.

The van structure is reinforced, and customized modifications installed for the specific wheelchair user with safety features adjusted.

Choose between a wheelchair ramp or lift, and side or rear entry.

This choice is also based on the vehicle make and model, and the needs of the individual.

Did you know NEW wheelchair vans cost between $40,000 and $100,000 each?

picture of a wheelchair accessible van and explanation of how much it costs

Wheelchair vans are expensive because the manufacturer has to convert the van, reinforce the structure, lower the floor, add modifications for each specific individual’s needs, adjust safety features, etc.
Donated USED refurbished vans cost about $10,000 to refurbish. Buying a used one and customizing it to the user costs between $30,000 to $50,000, not including the cost of the van, and is cheaper than a new one.
FYI, we don’t sell vans, we raise money to purchase and refurbish wheelchair-accessible vans. Our mission is to gift vans to people who need them who can’t afford them.

Honestly, it may be easier to purchase an accessible vehicle from a mobility provider

Here are some providers we recommend

Superior Vans & Mobility

FT Mobility – Saddle Brook, New Jersey

We also partner with MobilityWorks, an organization that specializes in the sales, rental and service of mobility equipment.

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“Our mission is what drives us to assist our clients in mobility so they can Be There for routine daily activities and special life events. We do this by training our team to listen to our clients’ unique needs to fit them with the best mobility solutions, by maintaining the largest inventory in the nation of wheelchair accessible vehicles, by certifying our service teams and by making the products and services we offer accessible to everyone through our 90+ locations and nationwide Buy Now program.”

🚙 MagicMobility Vans has personal experience with the hardship of this cost for wheelchair vans.

That’s why we started our nonprofit!

Our Nationwide wheelchair van assistance program:

To Request a used wheelchair van click here
To Donate a used wheelchair van click here

MagicMobility Vans is here to help children, adults, seniors and veterans who need wheelchair vans but cannot afford them.

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Please visit us to learn more, to sign up on our waiting list, or to donate a van. Share this post and spread the word for more donations!