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Six Road Trip Tips For Wheelchair Users

6 Road Trips Tips for Wheelchair Users

Summer has arrived!

It’s time to turn off our screens, pack our bags, and hit the road for some beautiful scenery and exploration.

Whether you enjoy the beach, mountains, desert scenery, or lakes, we offer 6 tips to make your wheelchair-accessible road trip more comfortable.

Here are the Six Wheelchair Road Trip Tips:

1. Bring a good cushion to relieve pressure from sitting in one position in your chair.

Bring a good cushion to relieve pressure from sitting in one position in your chair.

The regular wheelchair cushions are too high for driving.
Check out the Roho Packit cushion, which has air pockets that give far better relief than a foam cushion.
It comes in a single 16.25-inch by 9.5-inch size.

2. Move often to relieve pressure.

Move often to relieve pressure

Sitting still for hours is hard on your skin. Lean side to side, put elbows on armrests and console, alternate while keeping hands on the steering wheel and controls, and take breaks.

3.  Bring coffee or other stimulating drinks.

3rd road trip tip

An insulated, spill-proof mug works great.

4. Hydrate with lots of water

Drinking lots of water will keep you from getting tired on your road trip. Use a Camelback or hydration bladder with drinking tube for ease of use.  You can put the large bladder behind your seat and run the tube around to rest on your lap or on the center console.  These can be found from a variety of online shops for $30 and up, depending on size.

5. When you have to go to the bathroom, try a leg bag.

Accessible bathrooms for wheelchair users can be hard to find.  A leg bag  enables you to travel further on your road trip between restroom stops. You can connect a catheter to an extension tube and then connect the extension tube to a leg bag.

6. Gas stations where you pump your own gas are a good break to get out and move.

6th Tip for road trips

Oregon and New Jersey gas stations are mandated to pump your gas for you, but everywhere else you may request help, or do it yourself.

Gas stations are required to assist at the pump when requested.  Practically, however, if there is only one attendant to man the station, they may not be able to accommodate.  This annoyance can be used to your benefit by using the stop as a way to get out and move.

We hope these six wheelchair road trip tips will help you have enjoyable travels!

Bon Voyage!

 Thanks to Seth McBride of @NewMobilitymag for the tips!

Our Wheelchair Van Assistance Program provides wheelchair-accessible vans to those who cannot afford a van for a road trip.

We hope you are getting out with family and friends to connect and share memories together.
🚙 May everyone be entitled to take a ‘MAGICMOBILITY’ road trip out for fun with family and friends, or even just to have a change of scenery.

Road Trip!